Young 65

We were very fortunate to meet these German owner’s and design their project. One of the nicest people you would ever hope to meet is also one of the very best boat builders you would ever hope could build your design. The German workmanship and accuracy of this build is simply outstanding. The best we have ever encountered anywhere.

The design started as a progression from the TAG 60, yet evolved into a highly efficient and lighter design. 100% carbon and refined in the areas of bowsprit, cabin design and component integration. This is a state of the art vessel.

This is also the first Young Yacht Design to feature a reverse or Axe bow design. The hull shape is exceptionally fast, with low rocker, high water plane, lots of balanced buoyancy forward, fine waterlines and yet it is able to be pushed very hard into waves. We expect this vessel to pitch much less than conventional designs and with its deep angled asymmetrical daggerboards, it will sail to windward and deliver to the helmsman a stunning performance….

The interior is reasoianbly modest yet features stunning forward views through our vertical, opening windows. The subject of much discussion with the owner, the refinement of which is still (even at this late stage) a moving target, but also shows that the design is ever evolving as we seek the best solutions for our client.

Light air performance is very important and in this respect the vessel features our trademark light air headsail configuration that sets it apart from other designs. Sailing this vessel will be a great experience and we can'’t wait for it to be completed. …

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