Young 65

The Young 65 is being designed for an experienced client from Australia. With a personality larger than life and a passion for art and timeless design, this client presented a really enjoyable challenge that is still ongoing…

Inspired by the Young 57 Earthling, we wanted to create a unique approach in all areas of its design. Firstly the platform design shows a sleek and minimal approach with very slender hulls and the latest in performance hull shapes. This is a seriously quick catamaran.

The ideas behind the outboard sailing cockpits is so when sailing the vessel the guests can be part of the action and not stuck behind the main cabin. To that end the seating areas cantilever outboard to create maximum space without making the vessel wider. The main cabin has a full width bi-fold door arrangement connecting these spaces and centrally we have a 4-person spa pool and sun bed cover.

The interior is superb with 3 x amazing guest cabins with the main feature being the bridge deck level master cabin, with its king size bed, shower and bathroom created in an ultra futuristic style. The cabin entry is via huge sliding doors past an oval entry feature. Very James Bond….. as are the private full hull staterooms.

The vessel is still being designed and its features are too many to list here. Check back soon for an update when we complete the design.


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