Young 57

The Young 57 “Earthling” was Greg Young’s first catamaran design and was built as a project for Mr. John McGettigen (owner of Bull 9000 Matador) and the final result reflects this one off approach, in that this catamaran is very unique and has many features generally not seen on a production design this size.

The design brief was to produce a genuine very high performance Catamaran that would be very fast on the race track and provide exhilarating sailing for the crew ina range of conditions. Yet at the same time be very safe, easily handled by two people in any situation. Not only comfortable for 8 guests, this design provide luxurious amenities and facilities.

This design also had to be - not only be aesthetically beautiful, but striking from every angle. It is a beautiful sculptured design, yet its real beauty is in the extreme attention to detail and the simple appearance, which hides the very sophisticated use of high tech materials and engineering/building expertise.

Earthling was designed in 1997 and launched in 2000. It was used as a corperate charter sailing vessel in the 2003 Amervcias Cup, following that it moved to the Craibbean and Mimai and has since sailed many thousands of offshore miles. Currently it is owned by an Australian and sailing out of Brisbane.

In 2010 it completed a magor refit and the vessel is like new again..... As of August 2012, Earthling may be coming up for sale.... please contact Greg Young for details....

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