Young 40

The Young 40 is a project born from the Bull 12000 and is has been a part time labour of love for its French owner for well over 10 years now. The vessel has been fastidiously well built with wonderful attention to detail and technique. The first parts were constructed inside his home in Melbourne and a move to Japan continued the theme of building small parts within his home, ahead of starting the main hull. I am not sure how many people have built carbon fibre bulkheads in their living room before!

In more recent years the hull and deck was built with help from his father and Japanese partner in a boat-shed in Brittany, France where today it is getting close to completion. All the while commuting back and forth to Japan for work. Its a wonderful story of tenacity and it will be a very well built yacht when finally launched.

The Young 40 is designed for short handed sailing and has our "Bullsprit" design first seen on the Young 6.5 "Raging Bull" in 1991. The hull features a narrow waterline and flared topsides and efficient hull shape. This design has a lifting bulb keel for mooring in shallow water. The owner plans to sail around the world and race certain short handed events. While not optimised for 2 sail reaching it should excel in upwind and downwind conditions.

We are looking forward to its launch..!

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