Young 30

Commissioned by Rod Skellet, owner of the highly successful Bull 9000 “Wild Bull”, this design had very defined goals. First and foremost this is a very stiff, stable and safe race yacht. Rod planned to campaign it in Cat 1 offshore races - such as the Sydney to Hobart and Transpac yacht races. As such this yacht is bulletproof in every area of its construction and specifications.

Compared with the Bull 9000 this design has a narrow beam of 2.9m. Displacement has been decreased slightly to allow a better performance in medium conditions. The ballast ratio increased significantly. The rig size stayed the same as the Bull 9000. This resulted in a boat that has less wetted surface and was designed to excel in windward leeward courses. The rudder has also been increased in size to give better handling in offshore conditions. These changes coupled with a very clean hull shape ensured an excellent all round performance.

In general terms, the rig and centre of buoyancy/lateral resistance are located slightly aft, giving a large J measurement to help with acceleration out of tacks and punch through chop. At 2,500 kg the boat is not a sports boat, but this weight allows a high Displacement/ballast ratio which combined with the overall weight of the yacht allowed significant power to sail very, very well upwind, which is vital for a top race winning performance.

Built by Hart Marine, Melbourne, the hull, decks and all components were built using PVC cores and vacum/post cure carbon construction. The keel is housed in a tapering centrecase box, which is ultimately stronger and reduces the amount of panel deflection in the hull shell. The keel girder is an alum box section, which provides the keels basic structure within the composite blade. The rudder blade and stock are carbon. This design was engineered by High Modulus NZ.

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