Raging Bull

The Young 6.5 was the first yacht designed and built by Greg Young after winning a yacht design competition. We also believe it was the worlds first pivoting bow spirit design to be built (later called the “Bullsprit”). In the late 80’s many of the dinghy classes were ditching spinnaker poles for asymmetric spinnakers flown from bowsprits which were a huge step forward and the Young 6.5 was one of the first non dinghy vessels to feature a bowsprit.

Despite being very light, Greg considered that not being able to run deep angles a significant disadvantage in moderate/sub planning conditions and worked hard on designing a very simple and easy to use pole system that could combine the best of both worlds. The Young 6.5 was launched with unusual “"bull horns"” and this proved to be an outstanding system that in years to come has been copied and adapted into many other vessels around the world.

At the time the Young 6.5 was considered something of an oddity – bowsprits were still illegal to race with, yet what was largely unknown about that this design, was that it had been designed as a cruising boat and featured a huge interior volume, layout and facilities that to this day - has never been rivalled in any vessel this size. This design was a hothouse of design features from the twin companionways, retractable outboard motor, full size double berth, galley, toilet, dinette/double berth all in 6.5m.

Downwind it was fast and excitement plus. It would lift its bow out and plane at high speeds. Upwind it was light and unstable with a large rig and highish freeboard. Despite being too tender upwind, many of the features did work and later found their way onto the highly successful Bull 7000.