Below I have shown a series of concept images of different vessels for various clients that have not yet progressed much beyond the concept stage.

Personally the biggest challenge I always find is how to keep it simple……. Always .

While we understand and appreciate evolution as the path most projects follow, as designers we feel that we are only scratching the surface on what is possible. Revolution in yacht design is fraught with danger, yet the potential upside can be huge.

Speaking of revolution, one of our biggest areas of interest currently is to create vessels that are 95% "not" connected to the sea surface and as such not affected by sea state. The implications are huge - firstly for power vessels and secondly sailing vessels. We hope to have some concepts to show later in 2012.

The future of yacht design is very exciting and very technical. Imagination and creation are always key driving forces underlining the passion and belief that drive us forward.

Please feel free to contact about your project and lets see what we can do.........

Greg Young

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