The Bull 12000

The Bull 12000 was originaly designed to race the "two handed" Melbourne/Osaka race. The Bull 12000 again featured the Bullsprit design and this was to be used to great advantage sailing shorthanded.

Two Bull 12000s were built by Hart Marine in Melbourne. In its first offshore race in 1998, the two Bull 12000s finished first and second in the Melbourne/Hobart race, breaking the race record along the way. During the 1999 Melbourne/Osaka race the Mal Hart/Steven Bond sailed "Longitude" unfortunately retired after breaking it's boom in a violent storm in the Tasman Sea. One other yacht was sunk and 30% of the fleet retired.

The Bull 12000 Medicine Man has since gone on to win many local events and is an exciting boat to sail.

Following on from the Bull 12000, the Young 40 design was developed from the Bull 12000 concept for French man Bernard Dechoux and is currently under construction in France.

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